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Perth Milling Centre: Dental Lab Technician Jobs in Perth, WA

Perth Milling Centre: Dental Lab Technician Jobs in Perth, WA


dental lab technician jobs in Perth

About Our Perth Dental Lab

When we opened our office in 2014, our goal was to offer high quality service. We maintain this mantra today by using the newest technology, and only the most qualified Dental Technicians.

Our top-notch aesthetics are created with today’s most advanced automation services available, ensuring each custom crown, bridge, or veneer is designed specifically for the client it’s made for, and with a high level of accuracy.

In addition to our current technology, we are engaging new standards that will allow us to efficiently fabricate our products digitally; just one more way we intend to guarantee our clients ultimate quality.

Professional Development

It is important that our staff be as knowledgeable as possible; as technology grows, we expect our people to grow with it. We also are aware that it is our responsibility to ensure that our team has the proper resources available to them to continuously improve. At Perth Milling Centre, our team of Dental Professionals help each other to identify growth areas while taking into consideration everyone’s personal career goals. We make it a point to set attainable goals, and challenge each other to stretch a little further each time.

Clinic/Work Culture

We believe that if our employees enjoy what they do, our clients will notice. We strive to maintain a friendly atmosphere that instills our core values. Each staff member is expected to present his/herself daily in a respectful manner that reflects honesty, integrity, and professionalism. But we aren’t stiff either; we believe in having a little fun, whether it be by fostering friendly relationships within the staff, or community outreach, we work hard to create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.


Perth Milling Centre takes pride in our staff, and our staff is equally proud to know that they are part of a unit that believes in high values and professional responsibility. Everyone knows that they have a safe work environment in which they can strengthen their skills, and learn beneficial new techniques. Each member of our team has the benefit of knowing that what they do is making a difference; we are literally creating smiles, and that’s something that we are not too humble to brag about.

Current Roles Available:

  • Dental Lab Technician – (Crowns, Bridges, Acrylic, CAD/CAM, Implants, Surgical Guides, 3D Printing, Metal Work, Ortho, Mouthguards Etc.)
  • Ceramist
  • Delivery Driver
  • Administration/Reception

Location of our Dental Lab

Our Lab is conveniently located in Mount Hawthorn:

Suite 1, Level 2

112 Scarborough Beach Road

Mount Hawthorn WA, 6016

Why Choose to Work with Perth Milling Centre (PMC)?

The market on Dental Lab jobs in Perth fluctuates on a regular basis, so what makes PMC the best place to work? Our culture is unique, and we strive to foster respect amongst our team. We know that the most successful institutions in our industry begin with people who love what they do and know how to instill confidence in our clients. We focus on cultivating a business where professional development is paramount and are looking for applicants with a high level of motivation, spirit, and integrity. If you are the type of person who wants to make a difference in the dental industry, we encourage you to inquire about the opening that you are most qualified for.

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