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Smile Design

For that beautiful, natural smile

Perth Milling Centre incorporates modern digital design software to realise your patient’s aesthetic needs. At PMC we also understand challenging cosmetic and functional requirements, and together formulate a blueprint for successful management for your patient’s smile.

For aesthetic, functional and tooth replacement solutions, the laboratory requires collation of the following data:

Appropriate study models

The lab requires study models with bite records and proposed prescription of smile and functional design requirements.


  1. At rest
    • This demonstrates the patient’s upper lip length, fullness of the upper lip and degree of incisal edge displayed.
  2. Animated smile
    • This demonstrates preferable alignment, midline, colour comparison, assessment of buccal corridor space, incisal plane harmony with the lower lip, incisal imbrasure form and gingival display. The width of the smile lines and the relative activity of the upper lip is also appreciated in the photographic plane.
  3. Retracted smile
    • Teeth in this smile in occlusion demonstrates midline symmetry, general alignment of the teeth, general appreciation of anterior occlusion and gingival architecture.
  4. Lateral occlusal images
    • This demonstrates molar and canine position at the level of the occlusal plane and inter-occlusal clearance in regards to missing teeth.
  5. Lateral profile shots (at rest)
    • We determine the profile of the patient, whether they’ve a straight, concave or convex face. We also look at their naso-labial area, their degree of mental fold and also determine their lower facial height.

PMC partners with the busy clinician and follows a defined protocol from planning and personalisation, to definite final solutions.

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