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Monolithic Zirconia


Welcome to the New Range of Zirconia

PMC focuses largely on the extensive progression of CAD/CAM, materials and all technologies in general. As such, zirconia is quickly becoming the material of choice for practically any restorative situation with many large prestigious laboratories across the world stating that zirconia has been the largest selling restoration for several successful years now.

Previous issues with chipping or fracturing of overlying porcelain are completely eradicated by the revolution of full-contoured (monolithic) zirconia. In addition to this, years of exploration and tedious testing of certain additives and crystallographic arrangements have now opened up the new era of zirconia by significantly improving translucency aesthetics without requiring application of porcelain.

Not only is zirconia vastly improving in aesthetics, strength is incomparable to traditional PFM restorations. Particular zirconia types are 15 times the biaxial flexural strength of the porcelain used on all layered PFM’s. Not only this; due to zirconia’s extremely dense microstructure, when occlusal contact areas are highly polished the abrasion of opposing surfaces is less than any material used intraorally.

At PMC we guarantee our full-contour zirconia to be 100% chip proof and offer full replacement if all signs point to a material or manufacturing error.

Clinically, zirconia restorations can be bonded or conventionally cemented using the same products used for your PFM restorations; making that transition simple and seamless. We recommend that you try in the restoration and polish any adjustments to a high shine using appropriate zirconia polishing cones. A great tip after try-in, is to thoroughly clean bonding surfaces of all organic and inorganic debris before cementation to ensure a totally secure adhesion. (See Ivoclar’s Ivoclean)

With all this in mind, why not just give a PMC full-contour zirconia a try? For any new customers we have a special offer of $150 for your first zirconia crown.

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Using the traditional layering method much like porcelain fused to metal, we can create naturally custom shades that offer the perfect balance between strength and aesthetics.


Milled from a green (soft) state zirconia block, the restoration is custom shaded and sintered at 1450°C for 10 hours. The crown is polished, stained and glazed ready for delivery.

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