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Shade Matching

We are currently offering a FREE shade matching service with any porcelain or zirconia job. You can be rest assured that we will take the time to make sure the shade is exactly how you want it.

All Ceramic

At Perth Milling Centre we can offer you and your patient a wide array of aesthetic all-ceramic options, ranging from zirconia to e.max to LiSi.

Monolithic Zirconia

Our bread and butter. Previous issues with chipping or fracturing of overlying porcelain are completely eradicated by the revolution of full-contour monolithic zirconia prostheses.

Smile Design

A more popular service we offer, we work closely with the clinician to achieve the best possible aesthetic and functional result for both parties.

Implant Cases

We have a wide range of material options when creating your implant case and have complete control over blanching, emergence, angulation and abutment design.

Temporary Restorations

We understand provisional restorations need to be completed quickly with great results. Our provisional restorations are manufactured out of a single block of PMMA, which has a higher strength over conventional acrylic restorations.

full-contour monolithic zirconia crown only $150 for new clients!


Perth Milling Centre, Dental Labs offers a complimentary pick-up and delivery service within the Perth CBD. We have our own driver to minimise the time it takes to collect and deliver jobs.

Perth Milling Centre Dental Lab was established in 2014 with th echief focus of delivering high quality cad-cam ceramic and 3D printed solutions. We offer tailored solutions for the dentist and patient with in-house smile design and occlusal consultation. This not only benefits you and the patient but offers a long term quality based solution at the right price. Our range of treatment options include full contoured Zirconia crowns, highly aesthetic Lithium Disilicate and layered Zirconia solutions. This advanced and proven dental technology offers safety in high occlusal bearing regions (Full COntoured monolithic Zirconia) and a true comparison to the less desirable PFM crowns.

Dental implant treatment from single to multiple missing teeth have also embraced cad-cam technology with the rapid development of full contoured translucent Zirconia bridges. The design is rendered with our highly skilled cad-cam specialist and planned from a provisional (Full arch therapy) or computer-based digital wax up.

All our treatment from dental wax work, provisional high-end acrylic and ceramic is designed by virtual wax up and milled. Subsequently, all your work is stored on our cad-cam system and can be reproduced at any stage. For instance, if a patient after 5-10 years has suffered a ceramic chip or fracture which requires replacement, we can simply mill a new restoration without inconveniencing the patient and clinician with an impression.

All our work carries an unconditional 5 year guarantee and we only support proven dental technology. Our vision is to forge close relationships with our dentists while maximising patient acceptance and treatment outcomes as a team.


Is to deliver superior aesthetic solutions to general and specialist dentists by offering the most suitable and cost-effective options.


Is to become an automated lab which integrates the production process into a fully digital method in order to streamline manufacture and accuracy.

We aim to forge a close relationship with our dentists while maximizing patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes as a team.

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