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Temporary Restorations


CAD/CAM Provisionals For Fast Effective Results

We understand provisional restorations need to be completed quickly with great results. Our provisional restorations are fabricated from of a single block of PMMA, a type of acrylic glass, which has a higher strength over conventional acrylic restorations. If your patient finds themselves liking the fit of the temporary, we are able to duplicate the same dimensions for their final restoration.



  • Temporary anterior and posterior crowns
  • Temporary anterior and posterior bridges with up to 2 pontics
  • Temporary restorations on implants
  • Therapeutic restorations to correct TMJ problems and occlusal adjustments

Advantages of PMMA

  • Fast
  • Perfect for testing preliminary prosthesis
  • Last up to 12 months
  • Custom shades
  • Perfect contouring
  • Strong

Give Your Patient Confidence

Because our temporaries will be a replica of your patient’s final restorations, you will have the confidence of knowing that the final result is exactly how both you and your patient envision it. If needed, we are able to make small adjustments to quickly to meet your patient’s requirements.

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