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All Ceramic


Beautiful, Natural, Translucent

At PMC we are proud to use and support the use of modern ceramics. With continuing clinical success, improving methodologies and manufacturing techniques, all ceramic restorations are a fantastic solution for high aesthetics in the most challenging restorative situations. When combined with newer, smarter porcelain systems, achieving natural shades has become easier and more impressive than ever.

In terms of strength, lithium silicates (GC Initial LiSi) and disilicates (Ivoclar e.max) have robust flexural strengths ranging from 360MPa to 400MPa; at any rate this is far superior to a PFM of 90MPa. Not only are these restorations aesthetic and strong but due to the glass matrix they can be etched and also bonded, creating statistically greater adhesion between tooth and restoration than the more ‘traditional’ cementation techniques. Having a system with great bonding, strength and aesthetics gives you and your patient full satisfaction with peace of mind.

We use ceramic for:

All-ceramic materials on offer at PMC:

  • Crowns
    • Standard
    • Implant
    • Partial
  • Bridges
    • 3-unit bridges in anterior or premolar regions
  • Veneers
    • Standard
    • Thin
    • Occlusal (“table tops”)
  • Zirconia (high strength)
  • Zirconia (high translucency)
  • e.max
  • Cercon
  • LiSi
  • Empress
  • Vita Mk. II
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