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Shade Matching

We are currently offering complimentary in-lab shade taking with any all-ceramic and zirconia fabrications.

This non-invasive procedure takes approximately 5 minutes in the lab, or alternatively the clinician may take their own photos and send them to us via email.

The shade-taking service involves one of our technicians taking/viewing patient photographs and analysing the tooth to be restored and determining its subsequent shade to match the rest of the patient’s teeth. The more information we have about the patient’s dentition, the greater the success rate; this removes the need for re-shades and remakes, which not only stresses the clinician but also the patient.

The pressure of getting a perfect shade match has never been higher due to patients’ increased attention to detail. We use a combination of photography, quality lighting and the VITAPAN Classical® system – the most accurate staining guide in the industry.

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